Sharing same post every social network

Can you share the same post on every social network?

Should you share the same post on every social network?

Y ou can do it, but I strongly recommend that you don't... That's the answer that I give to anyone who asks me, "can you share the same post on every social network?"

Why am I so against it? Simply because, when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram, this time-saving tactic comes at a cost. A cost that, as a business, you don't want to 'pay'.

Let's take a strategic look at why it's not such a great idea...


Your fans might also be your followers

Social fans followers

Imagine this: you're following & liking your favourite brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. Every time you log into one of your social networks, you see the same post. Word for word. With the exact same image. Deja vu? Nope - it's just lazy marketing. It's enough to make you stop paying attention, isn't it?

Doing this every single day (or even just every now & then) is enough to drive your most brand loyal fans to start a.) mentally blocking your posts, b.) actually blocking your posts or c.) unfollowing.

Or they might be completely different

In some cases, you might find that your followers on one network are completely different to those on another one. Let me explain what I mean with a few hypothetical examples:

a.) A software brand sells products to a B2B & B2C audience. Its LinkedIn followers are mainly B2B buyers. Its B2C audience is most active on Twitter.
b.) A FashTech startup uses Twitter & Facebook. Its Twitter audience is really interested in articles from its founder & news about the business. This appears to be because many of its followers are investors or active within the startup community. Its Facebook page, on the other hand, is full of product loving consumers. They want to read the latest 'how to style' blog posts & hear about new releases.
c.) An accessories brand uses social media for community building, product promotion & recruitment. It uses Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat to promote & drive sales, with a very small focus on recruitment. Its LinkedIn company page, however, is followed by thousands of people for recruitment purposes only.
d.) A large department store targets a number of males & females aged from 20 - 65. Its younger audience is most active on Instagram. Its more mature audience prefers to hear from the brand on Facebook.

As you can see, each of your brand's social networks can attract a very different type of audience, each with its own needs, demands & expectations. Simply copying & pasting the exact same post on every network just won't do.

Twitter isn't linkedin, just as facebook isn't instagram

facebook social network

No two social networks are the same - no matter how many shared features they may have. Each has its own settings, features & quirks. You'll usually also find that people behave differently on each social network, affecting everything from the time that they spend browsing to the way that they consume content. As a very generalised example, many retail stores might find that their customers use Twitter primarily for customer service purposes, yet on Facebook, they're interested in spending more time with the brand, seeing the latest products, reading blogs, hearing about the latest promotions & so on.

All of the above means that a standard 'one size fits all' approach to posting on social media isn't the best way to engage your audience.


create a strategy

Before you share that same post on every social network, you need to stop & ask yourself: why is my brand choosing to be active on these networks? Then you need to delve deeper: what are our goals & how should each network be helping us achieve them? Are certain goals more achievable on one network than they are on another? Where is our audience most active & what do they want & expect from us? How can we delight them & use these networks to achieve our business' goals? I could continue with the questions, but you get the picture: you need a social media strategy.

More often than not, I find that the brands who go down the 'same post on every social network' path don't have a strategy. They just create posts every now & then. Why? Simply because they're not truly invested in social media marketing. They're doing it because everyone else is doing it. What's more, they believe that, with a couple of posts, they can get exactly what they need from social. If that sounds like you & your brand, listen up: that's not how social media 'works'.

Social media is about being social. It's big on engagement because each platform is designed for two-way communications (i.e. conversations!) - not broadcasting. The very best thing about social media is that, when used properly (read: strategically) it really can help you achieve your business achieve its goals.

If you're not interested in approaching social media strategically, I'd strongly recommend speaking with a strategist. Don't fall into the trap of believing that it's something your business just has to do & then carry on, doing everything halfheartedly. Alternatively, if it's simply a matter of time or know-how, you could consider social media training, outsourcing your social media marketing or hiring someone to manage it for you in-house.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, one thing is for sure: when it comes to social media, you only get out what you put in... & sharing the same post on every social network isn't going to get you very far.

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