How to set up your Facebook Page username

How to set up your Facebook Page username

Setting up a new Facebook Page for your business? Here's a tip: don't forget to create your username. In today's blog post, we're going to look at how to set up your Facebook Page username & why it's so important.


When you create a username for your business Page, you'll see 2 instant changes.

Ted Baker Facebook Page

1.) Your customised username will appear beneath your profile picture. You can see an example from Ted Baker's Facebook Page, above. The company's marketers have decided to use the brand's name, giving them @TedBaker. A great decision!

Before you set your username, you'll see a prompt below your profile picture, Create Page @username.

2.) The biggest change that you'll see is in your Page's URL. The username that you've selected will display in full after, just as in the green coloured example, below. Gone are the messy looking string of numbers (your User ID) that we see in the red example.


As you can see from the URL examples shown above, the customised version (green) not only looks cleaner, it's more memorable. This makes it much easier to share & find. It removes all of those distracting numbers, leaving all eyes on your business name - a nice boost for brand awareness.

Page usernames also provide your visitors with more ways to search for you on Facebook & on Messenger.

Combined, the username & the customised URL give your Page a polished, professional look.


It's easy to set up your Facebook page username. We'll walk through each step now, using the screenshots I took while setting up my own Page.

1. Choose your Page username

Click on Create Page @username under your profile photo. A pop-up will then appear on your screen asking you to create your username. Have a think about the right username for your brand; I'd strongly recommend that it's your business name or, if it's not available, a variation that is (or can) easily be associated with it.

2. Make sure that the username you want is available

A pop-up will then appear, asking you to create your Page username. To see if your business name is available, simply type it in & a green tick or a red cross will appear in no time.

Create Page username popup

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a username for your Page:
· Don't try to use your website as a username (.com, .net etc. won't work);
· Use alphanumeric characters such as A-Z or 0-9;
· Make sure your name is between 5 - 50 characters long;
· You can only have 1 username per page;
· You can use upper case, lower case & periods ".", but be aware that Facebook doesn't recognise their use.

As Facebook doesn't recognise periods or capitals, you're unable to tweak your brand name if someone else has already bet you to it. For example, if another Page had already claimed WordsOnMarketing, I couldn't have used Words.On.Marketing or wordsonmarketing. Why? Simply because Facebook views all of those variations as the same name.

3. You're all done!

Page username confirmation

Once you've completed steps 1 & 2, you're all done & should receive a 'you're all set' message, featuring your username & your customised URL.

Now you can share & promote your username & your customised URL with everyone.

Author Amanda Beylkin

Amanda Beylkin is the founder of Words on Marketing. She began her marketing career in Australia in 2005, working for an early stage startup. Since this time, she's worked with brands big & small, from Microsoft & Montcalm Luxury Hotels to Quiz Clothing & cranberry panda. Now based in London, she spends her days helping individuals & brands achieve more with marketing.

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