What makes this LinkedIn advertising campaign work?

What makes this LinkedIn advertising campaign work?

Posted: 12th September 2018

Starting your own business can be an exciting, terrifying & lonely adventure. Regus, with its latest LinkedIn advertising campaign, has tapped into that lonely feeling. The brand appears to be targeting early-stage entrepreneurs with a simple, effective advertisement (see below). It draws attention to a problem (feeling lonely?) & presents a solution (offices / co-working / meeting rooms).

LinkedIn advertising campaign


Now, I haven't seen any metrics for this ad. I don't work, & am not affiliated, with Regus. However, on face value, it seems to be doing more than a few things right. Let's take a look at 3 of these things.

1. It targets a defined audience - not everyone

In reality, there are plenty of reasons why an entrepreneur might need Regus' services. However, by being specific & targeting entrepreneurs of new, growing companies, Regus can tap into a common emotion: loneliness. This allows them to easily introduce their service & start positioning themselves as a brand who not only has the right solution, but also understands its audience & the business building journey.

2. Eye-catching & simple: it's easy to see what it's offering

The ad copy is incredibly simple, but it tells you enough to capture your attention & leave you wanting to know more. The question, 'lonely?' catches the target audience's eye, 'Offices / Co-working / Meeting Rooms' tells the reader exactly what is on offer & the logo in the right hand corner lets them know who it is that has the solution they need.

3. It's true to Regus' branding

Notice the black, white & red colour scheme? It's in keeping with Regus' branding & it works. It's a great way to start building familiarity with the brand before people even visit their website. For those who know the Regus brand already, it's a great opportunity to enhance their brand colours to further boost viewers' association of Regus with its brand colours black, white & red.


It's in the final section of the LinkedIn ad - the call to action - that the copy seems to lose some of its magic.

The simple 'sign up' call to action doesn't really give us much of an idea what we'd be signing up for - is it a newsletter? A new office? A space at a co-working desk? Would something like 'learn more' have been more effective? After all, you're not really signing up, are you? You're simply ready to know a little bit more. If you're brave enough to click on 'sign up', you'll arrive on the LinkedIn advertising lead generation form (shown below).

LinkedIn advertising lead generation form

To see available call to actions, see the screenshot from LinkedIn, below.

LinkedIn advertising lead generation form


Before sharing LinkedIn advertising tips, it's worth stopping to think about GDPR & lead generation. LinkedIn's lead generation forms are great, but if you're targeting or collecting data from European audiences, don't forget GDPR requirements.

In this example from Regus, by filling in the form, users are giving the company permission to contact them about their co-working spaces, offices & meeting rooms. They're not - I repeat, not - telling Regus that it's okay to add them to an email list for monthly newsletters. If Regus' marketing team intends to use the data collected for other purposes, they will need to find a way to make this clear & obvious to users before they fill in the form.


If you've decided that LinkedIn is a.) the advertising platform that will help you reach your target audience & b.) the type of place where your target audience will be most receptive to your message, keep these 10 quick tips in mind when creating your campaign.

Tip #1: Start with a goal, a budget & a LinkedIn advertising campaign plan.
Tip #2: Know your audience & choose to target one audience per ad - don't try to be everything to everyone.
Tip #3: Review the targeting options available to you & ensure that the options you select will help you reach the right people & achieve your goal.
Tip #4: Make sure that you're providing a solution to your target audience's problems.
Tip #5: Ensure that the problem that you're solving with your product or service is real. Do your research!
Tip #6: Keep your message simple & to the point.
Tip #7: Be brand aware. If you're designing or editing an image & including text / logos, make sure that your colours, font & imagery adhere to your brand's guidelines. If you don't have brand guidelines, use your website & other communications as a style guide.
Tip #8: Make sure that your target audience feels like you understand them & their needs. If they feel understood & can relate to your ad, you're one step closer to building trust, clicks & leads.
Tip #9: Monitor your ad's performance. If it isn't generating the right results, take some time to investigate & make changes.
Tip #10: Familiarise yourself with LinkedIn's advertising guidelines before you set everything up.

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