Hashtags most likes Instagram

Which hashtag gets the most likes on Instagram?

Which hashtag gets the most likes on Instagram?

Whenever I speak with people about Instagram marketing, they almost always ask me the same question: which hashtag gets the most likes on Instagram?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not the biggest fan of vanity metrics; metrics like 'likes'. Metrics that can be removed from public view, further reducing their 'worth' in a matter of seconds. Yes, they do have a role to play in the world of social media, but they're definitely not the 'be all, end all'. Especially when you're using Instagram for business.

Having a lot of likes on your posts looks impressive. & knowing that loads of people like what you're sharing might make you feel really good. But, you can't judge your social media performance by the number of likes that your posts receive. Why? Well, there's more to consider, for starters. Are the people liking your post relevant to your business & its goals? & if they are relevant, are they ever doing anything more than just liking?

I could go on, but let's stop chatting about likes (for now!). It's time to move onto the question that you all want answered...


love most liked hashtag instagram

#Love. According to popular hashtag tools, love is the hashtag that gets the most likes on Instagram. Take note: I'm talking about all-time likes here & this statistic is from May 2020.

Love is a pretty nice hashtag, isn't it? As a marketer, I can see how it can be used in a variety of ways for a number of very different posts.

However, contrary to popular belief, choosing the right hashtag (or hashtags) isn't always straightforward. Here's why.


After having a look at #love on Instagram, I can instantly see that it's not 100% relevant to every single business out there. You might be posting about a product that people will #love, but if your audience doesn't know about, doesn't care for & doesn't follow or scroll through the #love feed, then how important is this hashtag to your success? To grow your brand, you need to be using hashtags that help you reach the people who want to buy your products & services.

Sure, some people who follow or view #love might be part of your target audience. Or they could be part of it one day. But, unless you're made of money & have unlimited time, you want to focus on targeting people who want your products / services / expertise now. Or, at least, in the not-too-distant future.


love hashtag competitiveness

If you're still thinking, 'nope, #love is 100% right for me & my brand', then that's fine. Some of you will be able to reach your target audience using this hashtag.

Keep in mind, however, that relying solely on a popular hashtag can actually harm engagement levels. Consider this: #Love is used by billions of people around the world. In fact, it's so popular that, by the time that you share your post on Instagram, hundreds of others have just done the same too. So your post - unless it's performing exceptionally well & makes it into 'top posts' - will be pushed further & further down the feed. So far down that many people just won't scroll down far enough to see it. Due to this, the time that you have to get as many likes, comments, views, etc. as possible is limited. Very limited.


Unfortunately, I can't end this post with a quick fix solution. There aren't any magical hashtags that guarantee overnight success for every Instagram business account. My biggest & best tips for achieving business & marketing goals with social media? Don't just focus on finding the hashtag that gets the most likes on Instagram. Focus on your social media strategy. Research your hashtags before you use them. Share relevant, high quality content that your audience will love. Post consistently. Keep an eye on algorithm changes and on your performance metrics (& don't forget about Google Analytics!). & last, but most certainly not least, make sure that your expectations are realistic; for 99.7% of brands (especially those that are smaller or relatively new), social media 'fame' doesn't simply happen overnight.

Happy hashtagging!

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