why your marketing isn't working

Your marketing isn’t working: here’s why

Your marketing isn't working: here's why

Wondering why your marketing isn't working? You're not alone. Every week, I speak with a number of businesses who want to know why their marketing isn't generating the results that they need. Often, it comes down to a number of different factors, some of which can be completely unique to the company. However, for the majority of businesses, the core issues are the same. In my recent guest post for Find Networking Events, I shared 5 of the most common reasons why your marketing is 'going wrong'.


... but why? Sometimes, your marketing is actually working; you just don't realise it because but you're not tracking or measuring anything. & your expectations are verging on ridiculous. However, more often than not, if you think that it's not working, you're right.

Let's take a very quick look at 5 of the most common reasons that I've listed in my latest guest post.

Reason #1: You haven't devoted any time to marketing strategy & planning
Reason #2: You're so busy trying to do everything that you're not doing anything well.
Reason #3: You haven't changed what you're doing or updated your plan since 2015... even though times have changed. A lot.
Reason #4: You never ask for feedback & you're not measuring any of your marketing activities.
Reason #5: You wait until you're in big trouble before you ask for help.

Not sure if any of these 5 reasons apply to you, your business & your marketing? Head on over to the Find Networking Events website & read 5 reasons why your marketing isn't working in full.

Author Amanda Beylkin

Amanda Beylkin is the founder of Words on Marketing. She began her marketing career in Australia in 2005, working for an early stage startup. Since this time, she's worked with brands big & small, from Microsoft & Montcalm Luxury Hotels to Quiz Clothing & cranberry panda. Now based in London, she spends her days helping individuals & brands achieve more with marketing.

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