Hands-on marketing support

Kick-start, improve or revive your marketing with social media, email marketing or content marketing support.

You know you need to kick-start your marketing. Or maybe you've already started but you're not sending emails, posting on social or uploading blog posts regularly...

... but you just can't find the time (or the motivation!) to do it yourself. This is where I can help. Each quarter, I take on a limited number of hands-on projects. This might mean helping you set up your social media accounts, posting regularly & running a few ads. Or it could mean writing a few blog posts every month & giving your landing page content a bit of a makeover. It might even mean helping you send email marketing campaigns to your growing email list. Consistently.

With my hands-on marketing support service, there's no minimum level of work or monthly spend requirement. & it will always be me that you're partnering with. That means that you can get the reliable, experienced & personalised marketing help that you need without the big, costly contracts.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you kick-start, improve or revive your marketing.


Whatever stage you're at in your marketing journey, my marketing support services can help you start achieving more with marketing - without having to find more hours in your day. Here's how I can help:

From setting up your accounts to posting regularly & running ads, my hands-on social media marketing service provides support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

Start sending email campaigns regularly with my hands-on email marketing support service. Can include account set up, template updating, delivery, performance review, workflows & other basic automations.

Post content that your audience & search engines will love with my content marketing support service. Choose from blog posts, landing page makeovers & copywriting for online & offline projects.


As each hands-on marketing support service is fully tailored to you & your business goals, we'll need to kick-start the process by having a chat. To get started, contact me directly. We'll begin our journey with a free, no obligation video call. I'll discuss your needs with you & ask a few questions so I can understand how I can help. Following on from our chat, I'll create a quote for you. In it, you'll find recommended packages with pricing & payment options as well as available start dates & information about the next steps. The quote can be sent to you via email & discussed in more detail on a follow up video call.

Please note that all work is completed remotely. I do not offer in-house marketing support.

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