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The Words on Marketing Ltd terms & conditions page presents general terms & conditions. It also highlights specific terms & conditions for online courses, downloadables & 1 on 1 training courses online. Please read all terms & conditions in full & get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


Words on Marketing Ltd trading as Amanda Beylkin is a registered business in England and Wales. Reg. no. 10388842.

The terms and conditions outlined within the General Terms & Conditions section, govern your ("the user", "you") use of sites operated by Words on Marketing Ltd. This includes:
1.) The Amanda Beylkin website ("Website), https://amandabeylkin.com
2.) The Learning Studio ("Learning Studio"), https://amandas-school-5ebb.thinkific.com

The Website is owned and operated by Words on Marketing Ltd (referred to herein as "we", "us", "our"). The term Website include all content and services displayed & available. Content includes, but is not limited to, information, blog posts, testimonials, photographs, images, video, podcasts, surveys, online learning content, comments, downloadable content (print or offline copy). Services includes all free, downloadable and online courses, downloadables, webinars, and any other service offered via the website.

The Learning Studio includes all learning content displayed on learn.amandabeylkin.com, including text-based content, downloadables, video courses & content associated with marketing training & support services. Please note that while Words on Marketing Ltd owns the domain amandabeylkin.com, the associated subdomain learn.amandabeylkin.com & all Content on the Learning Studio is hosted on the Thinkific Labs Inc ("Thinkific") third party ecommerce learning platform. More information about this & can be found within the terms & conditions & also within the Privacy & Cookies Policy.

When referring to website activity, the term using ("Using") refers to one or more of the following actions: accessing, browsing or purchasing from, the Website or the Learning Studio.

When referring to content ("Content"), the term includes: text-based content such as blog posts & landing page content, imagery, products, services, learning courses, templates, downloadables, videos, session recordings, email assistance sent as part of Email Support services provided with 1 on 1 training online or on-demand online courses & any other content available on the website. It also includes code & branding designs & imagery. Content covers all of the above (& where stipulated, more), on the Website & the Learning Studio.


Before using the Website or Learning Studio, please ensure that you have read all of the terms & conditions & the privacy & cookies policy in full. If there are terms or policies that you're unsure of, please contact us for more details before using the site

By using either the website (amandabeylkin.com or its subdomain learn.amandabeylkin.com), you are consenting to - & confirming your full understanding of - the terms & conditions outlined below & all applicable law. Your use confirms that you accept the following terms and conditions & agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree, you must refrain from using this website.


Words on Marketing Ltd has the right to change or amend these terms & conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to check this page regularly & ensure that you accept any new or changed terms & conditions. Users that are signed up to receive email marketing communications will be notified via email of any upcoming changes.


By using the Website or Learning Studio, you agree that all content / services featured on the Website & Learning Studio is: 1.) owned by Words on Marketing Ltd &/or its licensors and 2.) is protected by applicable intellectual property & other laws that include, but are not limited to, copyright.

Use of website content and services, except for the purposes outlined within this agreement, is strictly prohibited and infringes on intellectual property rights, which may subject you to civil and criminal penalties for copyright infringement.

Your use of the Website or the Learning Studio confirms that you agree that all Content, training content including session recordings, videos, products, services, images & any other information found within the website, as well as all html/css, Javascript, branding & brand imagery is the property of Words on Marketing Ltd & is available for your personal use only. This agreement of personal use extends to content, code & functionalities made possible by the use of third party tools & programmes.

In accordance with these terms & conditions, you agree that you will not use Website & Learning Studio Content for any purpose other than personal learning. You will not share content or courses purchased or downloaded (for free or paid) for free distribution or to resell. You will not reproduce information from the website without explicit authorisation from Words on Marketing Ltd & under no circumstances will you use any content or services from the website as your own work. Use of Words on Marketing Ltd content & services will not be used within your own training or strategic documents, unless expressly permitted by Words on Marketing Ltd. The usage of quotes or excerpts from the website within your own work, training sessions or presentations is only permitted when full credit is given to the Words on Marketing Ltd Website. Modification of any Content from the Website or the Learning Studio or use of the Content for any other purpose than stated in these terms & conditions violates copyright & proprietary rights of Words on Marketing Ltd & its authors & may result in penalties & damages for monetary compensation.

All Content on the Website & Learning Studio are copyrighted & are the property of Words on Marketing Ltd or third parties who created & own Content.


Linking to the Website from relevant websites is encouraged. Permission to link to the Amanda Beylkin website is only required if:
1. You link to the website's services and charge your website users a fee to click through to Amanda Beylkin.
2. You wish to say that your website / brand / business is associated with or endorsed by Words on Marketing.


Any content that you post to the Website or Learning Studio may be managed (edited, removed, displayed or published) by Words on Marketing Ltd. By sharing content to the website, you expressly agree that Words on Marketing Ltd may manage the content at any time for any reason. Words on Marketing Ltd is not responsible for any inappropriate or illegal content that is shared on the Website or Learning Studio & will not be held liable for any inappropriate or illegal content posted or not removed.


Content & services shown on the Website may link to third party websites. Any link on the Website that takes you to the Learning Studio is also classified as a third party link as the Learning Studio is hosted on Thinkific & the ecommerce platform is not owned by Words on Marketing Ltd.

Words on Marketing Ltd includes third party links to 1.) enhance the content & services available on the Website or 2.) provide you with access to an educational ecommerce platform (Thinkific) or payment processor (Stripe) that allows you to use industry-leading technologies to learn online or an internationally renowned, secure payment processor to purchase Words on Marketing Ltd services or products.

In the majority of cases, the third party link is not an endorsement or recommendation unless specifically stated (please note that this doesn't apply to Learning Studio or Stripe payment links as they are included to help Words on Marketing Ltd deliver its core online services & products). If a third party link is an affiliate link, Words on Marketing Ltd will disclose this in full, ensuring that, before you click, you are aware that a non-Words on Marketing product is being advertised & that we may make a monetary gain from any purchases you make after following that link.

Regardless of whether links are or are not endorsements / affiliate links, clicking on any third party link from the Website is to be done at your own risk. This risk extends to clicking on links to the Learning Studio or Stripe. Words on Marketing Ltd has no control over privacy & cookie policies or terms & conditions of the third party website and its content or services & therefore is not liable for any damage or loss that may be caused - or is alleged to have been caused - by use of, or reliance on, the third party website. It is also not responsible, & will not be held liable, for any security issues, damage or loss of any property, equipment, software, information, data, loss of profits or revenue, cost of capital or replacement services, the interruption of services or product availability or any other issues which are caused by defects or viruses when clicking on third party links. This also extends to an inability to use the services or access the content being linked to.

Ensure that you agree with the third party's terms & conditions & privacy and cookie policies before using their website.


All Content on the Learning Studio is owned & provided by Words on Marketing Ltd. However, the platform on which the Learning Studio has been created is owned by third party, Thinkific Labs Inc ("Thinkific"). Words on Marketing Ltd uses this third party to allow it to provide Users with an easy-to-use, secure online learning ecommerce platform.

Please be aware that, whenever you use the Learning Studio, you are leaving the Website & moving to a website that is hosted by a third party. As such, as soon as you arrive on learn.amandabeylkin.com, the terms & conditions & privacy policy of Words on Marketing Ltd (with exception to terms & conditions regarding Learning Studio content) no longer applies. While on the Learning Studio, apart from the use & copyright of Words on Marketing Ltd Content, you must read, understand & adhere to the Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy of Thinkific. Please ensure that you fully understand & are happy with Thinkific's Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy before accessing, browsing or purchasing from the Learning Studio.


Payments cannot be processed on the Amanda Beylkin Website, but they can be processed on the Learning Studio, which is securely hosted by Thinkific. To process your payments, we use a third party payment processor, Stripe.

All payments via Stripe are encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Stripe stores your purchase transaction data for only as long as it needed to complete your transaction. Please note that Words on Marketing can not view, nor can it store any of your payment data.

Before you purchase anything from the Learning Studio or make a payment via Words on Marketing Ltd's Stripe account, please be fully aware that Stripe is a third party payment processor &, as such, your use of the Stripe payment option is governed by Stripe's terms & conditions & privacy policy & not Words on Marketing Ltd's. Ensure that you have fully read & understood Stripe's terms & conditions & privacy policy before you pay for anything in the Learning Studio.


By sharing feedback (information, comments, ideas for the site / services / products, images, testimonials, photographs, images, files or other content that is not from Words on Marketing Ltd) directly to Words on Marketing Ltd, to the Amanda Beylkin Website or Learning Studio or to our social media pages, you grant Words on Marketing Ltd a royalty free global license to display, promote, reproduce, use or adapt from all of some of the feedback that you have shared on the Website, Learning Studio or social media pages.


Words on Marketing Ltd does not guarantee business success with its blog posts, downloadable content, online courses, marketing workshops, pay as you go marketing mentor service or any other training & support services provided. All Content, training & support services are provided as guidance & educational support to help you improve your marketing skills & understand more about marketing.

No information on the Website or Learning Studio is to be interpreted as professional advice specifically for your business and is to be used solely for educational and informational purposes only. Examples & success stories as well as personal experiences are specific to the business being discussed only & the results are not representative of general results. Always seek specialist advice tailored to your specific business (for example, Business Support services or fully personalised training courses) before acting on any of the information that is shared on the Website or Learning Studio. By using the Website or Learning Studio, you agree to accept full responsibility & accountability for your decisions, actions & their results & you agree that you will not attempt to hold Words on Marketing Ltd or its director responsible for your decisions, actions & results at any time.

Words on Marketing Ltd does all that it can to ensure that content and services - new and old - are free from errors and up-to-date. Words on Marketing Ltd does not represent or warrant that all of the content and services displayed are accessible at all times. Inaccuracies, typographical errors and older, out-of-date content that is superseded by new best practice processes and technologies may still be present on the website. Changes may be made to any content & services at any time or content & services may be removed at any time without any obligation to notify users (users also covers users who have previously used the website, but have not returned from an extended period of time). Some errors may not be corrected.

While Words on Marketing Ltd makes every effort to ensure that the Website is secure and free from viruses, Words on Marketing Ltd does not provide any conditions, warranties or guarantees that the Website is secure or free from bugs & viruses. By using the Website, you confirm that you have taken precautions to protect against the risk of viruses, malicious computer code or other security related issues that can cause damage to your personal or business computer system.

As the Learning Studio is securely hosted by Thinkific & payments are processed via Stripe, Words on Marketing Ltd cannot guarantee that their websites are secure & free from viruses. Words on Marketing Ltd made reasonable efforts to ensure that Thinkific & Stripe take all reasonable steps to ensure that its platform, hosting services & payment services use the best possible security & privacy practices.

Words on Marketing Ltd is not liable for any damage, loss or disruption to your data or computer system that might occur when you use the Website, Learning Studio or Stripe payment platform. Words on Marketing Ltd can not be held liable for


Words on Marketing Ltd's Privacy & Cookie Policy can be found here. Ensure that you also agree to the Privacy & Cookie Policy before Using the website. This Policy also includes more information about, & links to, relevant third party site's Privacy Policies (for example, Stripe & Thinkific).


If you believe that there is Content that is copyright or exposes sensitive information or material that is considered inappropriate or defamatory, contact Words on Marketing Ltd with the relevant URL, proof of copyright or negative use & your contact details.

Content will be removed at Words on Marketing's discretion.


The terms and conditions are in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. If you believe that these terms and conditions do not meet the requirements of your jurisdiction, please contact us.


To attend any of Amanda Beylkin's marketing workshops, you must hold a valid in-house or online ticket. Tickets must be purchased via an authorised outlet, either via the Amanda Beylkin Learning Studio (with payments processed via Stripe) or Eventbrite. Please note that cash will not be accepted on the day.

In-house and online tickets for marketing workshops are not refundable, unless otherwise specified on the Eventbrite page or the workshop page on the Website. If you are unable to attend an event, you must give at least 1 working day notice & this will allow you to either: a.) Transfer your ticket to another marketing workshop - you can choose an alternative marketing workshop on a different day & time ("Alternative workshop") or you can choose to attend the same workshop at a different day or time ("replacement workshop"). If additional times for the replacement workshop are not available, you can request to be put on a waitlist. If the cost of the replacement workshop changes while you are on the waitlist, you will not be charged any additional money to be enrolled in the replacement workshop when places are available. You place on the next available replacement workshop will be guaranteed.

If you have purchased an online ticket, it is your responsibility to ensure that you can successfully connect via Zoom & that you have a strong, reliable internet connection. If you miss part or all of the workshop due to issues accessing or using Zoom, computer problems or an unreliable internet connection, a refund will not be provided. In such situations, replacement or alternative workshops are not available.

Marketing workshops combine marketing theory with hands-on marketing activities. It is your responsibility to bring a laptop, tablet, phone or a suitable device, as per the requirements listed on either the workshop's Eventbrite or Website page. Words on Marketing Ltd takes no responsibility for any workshop attendee who does not bring the required equipment; refunds, replacement workshops or alternative workshops are not available for any workshop attendee who attends a marketing workshop, but fails to bring the correct equipment.

When attending marketing workshops, any laptops, tablets, phones ("devices") or handbags, purses, wallets, backpacks, sensitive work-related documents, jewellery ("personal effects") are your responsibility. Words on Marketing Ltd will not be held responsible for any personal effects or devices that are damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed, by humans, accident, natural disaster, computer viruses or any other means.

Attending a marketing workshop does not guarantee business growth, personal brand growth, a work related promotion or any other benefit.

Ensure that you arrive on time for marketing workshops. Sessions will not wait for late attendees & no refunds, alternative workshops or replacement workshops will be made available for anyone who misses the beginning or a substantial part of a marketing workshop.

If you must leave the marketing workshop early for any reason, you are not guaranteed a refund or access to an alternative workshop, replacement workshop or any follow up support.

If you are unable to attend on the day, due to illness or emergency, you may be able to attend an alternative workshop or a replacement workshop for an administrative fee of £10. Under some circumstances, this administrative fee may be waived, however this is not guaranteed; this is at the discretion of your marketing workshop trainer. In order to discuss alternative or replacement workshops as an option, you must contact Amanda Beylkin as soon as you are sure that you will not be able to attend the event.

If you are unable to attend the marketing workshop you have purchased an in-house or online ticket for, you may be able to transfer it to a.) another person within your organisation or network (note: you must notify Amanda Beylkin of this person & confirm that they can attend), b.) an alternative workshop or c.) a replacement workshop.

To transfer your in-house or online ticket to another person within your organisation or network, you must contact Amanda Beylkin at least 1 working day before your booked workshop. To transfer your in-house or online ticket to an alternative or replacement workshop, you must contact Amanda Beylkin to request this change at least 5 working days before your booked workshop.

If you purchased an in-house ticket, but can no longer make it to your workshop location, you can request a transfer to an online ticket. To do this, you must contact Amanda Beylkin at least 1 working day before the workshop begins.

When you attend a marketing workshop, you may be photographed for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, please notify Amanda Beylkin before the workshop begins. Photographs may be used on the Website, social media channels, on advertisements / promotional materials.

Any marketing workshop testimonials or feedback provided, via the questionnaire, email or on social media, may also be used on the Website, social media channels, on advertisements / promotional materials. If you do not wish to have your comments shared with the general public, please notify Amanda Beylkin before the end of your workshop, or as & when you provide feedback.

When you sign up to attend a marketing workshop, you will be contacted by Amanda Beylkin, via email, about the workshop. You will receive reminders sent to ensure that you arrive on time, at the right place & with the right equipment on the day. You may also, due to your interest in marketing workshops, be notified of any upcoming workshops that are related to your previous bookings. Please note that your personal details will be stored securely & never shared with, or sold to, any third parties. You are able to unsubscribe at any time, either by replying to an email, contacting Amanda Beylkin or clicking the unsubscribe option at the bottom of each email. For more information on email marketing & your privacy, please view the privacy policy.

These general terms & conditions were last updated / reviewed on 21st September 2019.